Posted by: panzer magier | May 14, 2010

Angel Beats 07

“so which came first: clothpin, or sliced bread?”

Roughly 50hrs after writing my tl;dr analysis post, Naoi lives. Fuck it all. Well… I did consider the possibility that he would continue to exist, but it was something I wanted to avoid thinking about because it pokes all sorts of holes in my theory. Oh well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

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Posted by: panzer magier | May 13, 2010

Angel Beats – making (more) sense of what’s happening

wars are waged one heart beat at a time

Since the show is (more or less) through the halfway point, I thought I would go back and do some cleaning on the developments and ideas. I actually intended to write this post right after ep 6 review, but due to ep 6 ragequit and playing Clannad and life, I ended up pushing this back.

Before you dive into the post, this is your only warning that this post is very tl;dr. For the absolute lazy, rough conclusion paragraph at the bottom.

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Posted by: panzer magier | May 7, 2010

Angel Beats 06

this is one hell of a  school life

Despite Angel finally getting more than 3 lines to say, I actually don’t like this episode all that much. Everything feels so…superficial.

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Posted by: panzer magier | April 30, 2010

Angel Beats 05

phear, for the Armageddon of Moe is here

My stomach is still hurting quite bad from all the laughter as I write this post.

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Posted by: panzer magier | April 23, 2010

Little Bust…I mean, Angel Beats 04

and that’s all she amounts to

So the guys over at PA works decided to do something flashy with the OP by having Yui sing it, and altering most of the scenes one way or another. I have to say, I do like the rock remix, but the singer is….well, quite frankly, weak. She doesn’t have the same powerful pull in her voice like Lia. And maybe making Yui sound lame was part of the plan to begin with, who knows.

bringing down the house with death metal

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Posted by: panzer magier | April 22, 2010

絶望した Orz

A couple days ago, I found out that my soy milk (I still don’t understand why it’s called soy milk…) had gone bad. I suspect that it was caused by a power outage we had a few days prior, because the expiration date said I still had almost 2 weeks… but anyways.

I actually didn’t realise immediately that it had gone bad because I nuked it in a microwave, so at first I thought the weird taste was due to nuking. But then I took a few more sips and realised that my tongue was kinda numb… yeah, good stuff eh.

So the normal reaction would be to dump out all that remaining soy down the drain, which I did. But now that I think about it, I could have tried extracting the alcohol out of it. I remember that if you heat ferminated food, the alcohol will seperate from the substance and float to the top, or something along those lines. Fuck, I could have gotten dangerously high on that stuff Orz. Sigh, I guess I’ll go chug some cooking alcohol to drown myself in sorrow and regret…

for some reason the IN Gymnasium makes it so much less impressive sounding…

Bit of a foreshadowing there in the title.

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Posted by: panzer magier | April 14, 2010

Fillers are stupid…But Fanboys are even more so

So like, I am sure that we have all heard the complaint, perhaps even voiced it ourselves, that fillers are stupid. And why not? You go through this huge ass arc, and at the end of the day, you end off with basically what you started off with: the old cast is still frolicking the same old fields and new ones get spun out of existence because they are filler characters. Pretty productive, yes?

But you know what, shows are stupid because the viewers are stupid. If a show goes into some filler arc, viewers complain that it is a total waste of their worthless time. If a show spins its own interpretation of the story, the viewers go NOOOOOOO WHY U KILL OFF MAI HONEY when the character continues to live in the “original”* adaption. When a show goes on hiatus to give the original adaption some time to shit out new contents, viewers go NOOOOOOO WHY U DO DIS TO US and cry a river of threads on 2ch.

So like, what can they do really, if anything they do will end up getting criticized. Well, the answer is surprisingly simple: they shit out fillers that won’t kill off any of the old casts so they can continue to milk the franchise and avoid people qq’ing over their dead honeys. They’ll end up having to take shit from viewers either way, so they might as well make a few bucks off the trouble.

My solution to all this shitstorm? Just don’t re-adapt anything till it completely finishes production. That way, you can make a recreation of the story to your heart’s content. The only problem is that you might end up waiting for a series for 10+ years to end. And when we get money milking mechanism sitting right in front of us, we can’t help but wanting to dive into a piece of that pie asap. Sad, but true.

So like tl;dr the world of mainstream animu is p. dum.

P.S. * = the very concept of “original” used here is ironic as shit. If an adaption spins off at some point, we effectively have an alternate universe, therefore it is of its own originality. The use of the word “original”, in this case, would actually mean “the first one to begin”, which is rather misleading. When we get a spin off, they are both originals of their own right. Fillers, while do possess what we might call “original” contents, eventually end off going back to where they diverged, so they effectively return to the universe that they spun off from, therefore they are not “originals” in the broader sense.

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