Animu List


  • Arakawa under the bridge (I should finish this too)
  • big bad wolf and her seven friends (sounds funny when you translate it into english lol)
  • amagami ss
  • shiki
  • occult academy
  • high school of the dead
  • k-on 2
  • Bride of the Seto (gg, or anybody really, I know that this show makes subbers piss their pants just by bringing up the notion of subbing it, but can someone go buy some adult diapers and finish this beast already?)
  • kino’s journey
  • monster (this show has turned into a rather slow grind for me…currently put on halt)
  • sword stories
  • (list highly subjective to increase or decrease at any point)

Need to Finish

  • TRAPeze
  • Ghostory (yeah it is now airing as lol webcast and we have no idea when shaft is going to whip its team back to work)
  • Kanamemo (need to get around to finish this sometime)
  • winter freeleech list (some 300+ 200+150+100+50+ eps left from various shows)

In Good Time

  • G00
  • Guin Saga
  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Le Chevalier D`Eon
  • most studio ghibli movies


  • Honey&Clover
  • FMPF
  • Mushishi
  • Genshiken
  • Guardian of Spirits
  • Melancholy of Yukism Haruhism (people has told me season 1.5 is shit, yes/no?)
  • Ep 62-63 of Golden Gash Bell (Victoreem mini arc A+++/10 quality)
  • When the Cicadas Screech (season 1 and 3 are excellent, season 2 is rather mundane)
  • Count of Monte Cristo
  • Kodocha (childhood favorite, grew up watching this awesome stuff)

Honorable Mentions

  • Shinkai Makoto movies
  • Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners
  • TigerDragon
  • Trinity Blood (although the mango has much better bishie designs~)
  • Minami Family (and following seasons)
  • Peace Maker Kurogane
  • guardian chara (recommend primarily first season though)
  • 12 kingdoms
  • baccano!
  • Nana (turned out a lot better than I had expected, but adfdsafsdfadf someone go kill Hachiko asap plskthx)
  • gunslinger girls (recommend 1st season only, 2nd season was rather bad)
  • probably a lot of stuff, can’t be bothered to list every single one of them


  • Most shows by Shaft
  • Most shows by Gonzo
  • Any show with huge tittie girls or pointless pantie shots; like really, guys, there’s this thing called porn
  • the border that seperates porn from “safe material”, aka censorship, is dead; long live de-censorship and porn for children (not to be mistaken with child pornography, although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time)
  • Anything BK(defunct blogger) strongly recommends


  • everything with Sunrise’s name in it
  • Eva (not including new movie readaptions)
  • Tale of the [fabulous] Rainbow Cloud Country (more so season 2 than 1)
  • [gg] fansub community

The Only Sports Anime I will Ever Acknowledge

  • Slam Dunk
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