They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I guess I gotta type a thousand words to make up the difference eh? (aka I don’t like posting pictures) Although in recent times, I’ve been using more and more pictures….oh well, one thousand less words for me!

Disclaimer: The owner of the contents in this blog takes no responsibility for any faggotries, blasphemies, and atrocities that may appear at any point of the entries. Should readers suffer brain damage, retardation, emo fits, or generally any mental anguish, please consult the closest shrink or brick wall near you. Any physical damage that may result from previously mentioned sufferings should be treated by the local first aid kit or, if luxury permit, beautiful(?) hospital nurse.

The day this blog hits 3 digit visits (other than from me) will be the day this blog ceases to be a lie. At which point, I would need to either revamp the reason of existence of this site, or create an infinite paradox and possibly shatter this time continuum, which I would very much like to see in fact.
I promised that there will be cake, so here it is. Enjoy!

spincakeSpincake: in celebration of the 100th visit! Go cake!

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