Posted by: panzer magier | February 7, 2014

In the Latest Episode of Tokyo Ravens


I am not actually blogging this show. I just wanted a place to vent my mindfuck. Here we go~


The old dude died for no particular reason. I can’t even remember his name. At least he had a decent voice. (ー人ー)


Shaver got bathed in black pudding and lost a few screws in his head. Assuming there were screws left in there to begin with. Meanwhile, Kagami went off somewhere to frolic and never returned. What is worse than an incompetent bodyguard? When the bodyguard tries to kill you too.


Some pew pew happens.




Harutora has this Peter Pan moment (just look at those sparkles coming out of his ass) and reaches inner enlightenment. He can now see everything with absolute clarity. Including the colour of your panties.

At the same time, he can also perfectly reproduce any spell that he has seen with his own eyes, as long as he has enough fuel for the nuke. Inb4 Harutora becomes a legendary spirit and travels back in time to kill himself with Unlimited Bla(ry


The whole point of the episode was to show off Harutora’s random power-up. Just for that, they had to kill the old man, strip Natsume naked, and make Kon breath fire. I am pretty sure there must be a more subtle and less messy way to go about it. Well, at least one person was enjoying himself.


Some love-comedy to wrap up the mess. With Harutora been op as he is right now, I am sure that the harem route is a perfectly viable option, so I don’t know if this scene serves any real purpose.


In the latest revelation of conspiracy theory, the Chief turned out to be the one pulling the string on both sides. I still can’t decide if this guy is important or not. Like, seriously, it’s episode 17 and he only made a grand total of two appearances. Inb4 somebody else is pulling this guy’s strings as well.


Yes, yes you do. Please save me from my mindfuck.


I find this fan ironically symbolic of where this show stands right now. Even though this show appears to promise a grandeur shaman universe and intricate plot, it is in fact full of holes and broken, mostly of its own doing. But a fan can be mended, and I hope that some serious patchwork is planned in the near future (keyword: hope).


In summary of everything that is Tokyo Ravens so far:

  • nobody really knows what is going on except the director
  • wtf did I just see
  • Kon


  1. I dropped this at around episode 14 and don’t really plan on picking it up again until finishes… patching itself. It’s about time Harutora got a powerup I was starting to wonder how they’re going to explain why he hasn’t died 8791823 times already.

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