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Shiki 01+02

no way, that can’t be part of your hair…. right??

I finally gotten around to watch all the major titles this season (minus Nurarihyon and Barasa 2 because I’m sure I won’t blog it), and I basically came down to Highschool of the Dead and Shiki. As you can tell from the title of this post, I ended up going with Shiki. The reason is because the biggest focus of HotD is bouncing tits character reaction and interaction to their plight, which doesn’t come off very well in writing. Plus, I’m sure the hidden plot is nothing Biohazard can’t explain, so there’s not much left to analyse. All the other shows are eliminated for similar reasons.

Before I move on though, I do recommend giving HotD a try. It’s completely over-the-top, but when the world is filled with flesh-eating living-dead, a bit of ridiculous-ness sounds just about right. Now, if they would just cut back on the fanservice, I might actually take the show seriously for once…

Before I noticed, episode 2 came out… guess I’ll sum both eps into one post.

Having said all that though, Shiki is not exactly a linear show. Its genre is closer to that of mystery/horror, which means that there is a huge cast, a lot of wtf stuff going on, and people are dropping dead left and right. With respect to the way mystery is usually setup, I will introduce key characters first, then the mysteries, followed by hints and conjectures.

Major Cast

The first episode is introduced by Megumi. She is a resident of Sotoba village, and she hates the place with every fiber of her being. The only things that bring joy to her angst life are the European-style castle and Yuuki.

Occupation: hater, stalker.

One of the few flowers in this god-forsaken land. Kaori typically has a positive attitude and holds an unrequited friendship with Megumi. Also has a little brother.

Occupation: Jesus

Beneath that mask of silent beauty is a never-ending stream of pessimism; Yuuki moved into this village with his family from an urban city, but he seems less than happy about the location change. He is well aware that he is being stalked by Megumi, and ,although finding it an annoyance, quite frankly couldn’t be bothered to do something about it.

Occupation: emo pretty-face

For a monk, Seishin sure sports tons of hair. Working as the vice chief monk at the local temple, he deals with everything from shining bronze buhda to sending people into the afterlife.

Occupation: soon-to-be baldie

Toshio may give off the look that his doctor’s licence is forged, but his skills are quite real. He doesn’t like anything messing with him, intentionally or not. The first time you cross with him will probably end up being your last.

occupation: voodoo doctor

Other than the fact that she’s totally hot, not much is revealed yet about Kanami. Only time will tell if she will play any major role in this show, but I sure wouldn’t mind have that body appear on screen more.

Occupation: sexy restaurant owner

Working as a nurse in Toshio’s clinic, Ritsuko appears to be an angel too good to be working for a voodoo doctor. Not much is revealed about her role so far, other than her angelic personality.

Occupation: clinical bridge bunny

Tomio is probably a minor character in this show, and we probably won’t get to see him that much more. But his design is just too awesome to pass on, so I put him here for great justice.

Occupation: manliness

Story So Far

nom nom

A bunch of people are dropping dead left and right in the past week or so. The age range from anything between teenager to grandma, but most of the people show similar types of synptoms before their lives end.

the living fossils were so old, she probably couldn’t tell whether they were still breathing or not anyway

Strangely enough, initial synptoms are usually normal illnesses that are fairly harmless, such as signs of heat fever or anemia, and look like they are in a daze the whole time. However, the conditions would intensify almost over night and eventually take away the lives of the patients. At the current point, nobody knows exactly what kills them.

looks like the aftermath of a rape scene

When Megumi was found after having been reported missing, the doctor diagnosed her condition as anemia, and didn’t think much of it. A few days later, she died. Her death really surprised Toshio and caused him to be more conscious about the deaths people are having in town.

now the dead just needs to bounce back to life, and it’ll be Raccoon City all over again

Currently at a loss as to exactly what is going on in their town, Toshio and Seishin decided to go with the possibility of an epidemic spreading in town.

By the way, I just realised that my top two picks for this season both have to do with people dying in some horrid, bizzare way. I hope this isn’t a sign for some kind of horrid fetish or bias I have for guro…

Issues Presented

vandalism at its best

Who knows how much this information has to do with anything, but if it does mean something, then it would certainly push the direction of this show into that of the supernatural. This would creately effect Toshio’s hypothesis of an epidemic.

which century are we living in again?

On the outskirts of the village is a newly-erected European castle. Besides the obligatory “wtf” reaction, the residents are just as mysterious. One thing that is revealed to the viewers is that the last people Megumi met before being reported missing are the new residents of this giantic abode. Does that mean the “epidemic” has something to do with the new neighbors? Only time will tell.

symbolic foreshadow much?

The village is surrounded by Momi trees, which they use for grave markers for the dead. In other words, the village is marked for death. The monk has effectively tripped the death flag of every single person in this show within 5 lines. GG.

epic staring contest

This show likes to use the “oh shi- I’m being watched O__O!” thing a lot. Does it actually have any real meaning to the story, or does the director just like to stare at people? We’ll know once a few more heads roll. Not that they actually roll, but you know what I mean.

Some other thoughts: This show has a pretty huge cast. This could be a good thing, but it could also bring the show to ruin, depending on how they deal with it. Also, character designs are crazy. People have the most kickass hairdo ever. I think there was something else I wanted to say, but w/e screw it all.



  1. i got sick of trying to find interesting stuff to talk about in an anime review so , as you can see, I am just writing opinions , rants, and impressions now =3=

    by the way , what do you think of it ? my spree of posts lately

    • I expect you to incinerate into a pile of white ash about halfway through the season. RIP ( – 人 – )

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