Posted by: panzer magier | June 25, 2010

Angel Beats 13

the end towards a new beginning

I should be studying for my midterm(s) or do my project(s) that are coming up next week… but I guess it’s time to finish what I started, ALLL THE WAY back in the distant March of 2010…    /drifts into a vortex of memory lane

Honestly though, there is not much to say really. This is (supposed to be) a heart-warming final conclusion of a long(?) journey. That said, the rate of tripping into a plothole is over 9000. Even till the end this show is still making more questions than answering. At least, it is consistent about it…

it’s ok, I’m sure Otonashi will handle the procedures gently

In this episode the viewers learn, for the very first time, that the girls in this show are, in a surprising twist of revelation, girls. Everything I have come to learn and associate with Yurippe and Angel was shattered within the span of a hundred frames. This must be what they call sex appeal. Fearsome.

Salute! (´ω`)`>

In this episode the viewers learn, yet again for the very first time, that mapo tofu is, in another surprising twist of revelation, the national symbol of the SSS society. Well, considering that Japan already managed to assimilate curry and ramen into part of their national diet, I doubt one more dish is going to hurt anyone.

Hinata, a man who is always prepared to only look the part

With lots of omg’s and wtf’s thrown around this pitch-patch graduation ceremony, the group completes the long journey of life that went seriously into over-time.

the final parting

With a bit of regret, and a bit of courage, the gang leaves one by one, leaving behind only Otonashi and Angel.

gotta say, Otonashi knows how to pick the right mood

The dramatic confession amidst the sunset… ( ; ω ; )

Disregarding how Otonashi actually fell in love with Angel, this should have been the beautiful final finish to this story. But Maeda wasn’t quite ready to rest his mighty iron pen just yet.

possibly the greatest twist… occuring at the very end of the entire show

At this point I fell of my chair, because this statement just raised a billion warning alarms.For knowing that Otonashi gave her the heart, she sure was pretty calm, even though it was the dying regret that she had to wished to fulfill. And assuming the heart extended her life, that means that she must have lived past Otonashi’s life span, so how did she end up coming to this world before Otonashi? To begin with, why did she end up dying on the life Otonashi gave her?? It is all a big mystery that will forever drift in the vortex of plotholes…

As to the finale? Well, I will let the pictures and your imagination fill the gaps.

the final parting…

Not that anyone cares, but wouldn’t this parting be considered a trama worthy of causing a person to limbo in the afterlife?

Last Words/Ragequits

This had been one hell of a bumpy journey. I enthusiastically jumped onto the bandwagon called Key Fanboys back in January 2010, and when the show finally started airing, I opened up my virtual beer cans and partied it out like no other loner. It was hilariously fun at first, but when the plot started moving, it was like watching a clock that was missing several gears trying to move. The major problem was time management. Simply, the show was trying to do too much too quickly, and nobody could really keep up with the pace of development. Looking back, a lot of things have happened since Otonashi first opened his eyes, but it sure as hell didn’t feel like it. Nonetheless, for everything the show did wrong, it gave plenty back to make things right again. I certainly do not regret following this show, and blogging it has being a hell lot easier than DRRR.

TL;DR = Fun ride, but next time somebody receives a script from Maeda, make sure the company can stretch it to 26 eps. Like KyoAni. But PA Works is fine too.

Also, I totally called the reverse ending credits.

Also also, I still don’t know if I’m going to blog anything next season.

Also also also, can somebody please take my goddamn midterms in my place? And ace them?? And not get busted while acing them?!?

see you all… or not, I donno



  1. hey GT
    what happened to your blog ?
    to be honest I enjoyed reading pretty much every post though I might not always comment on them
    basically what I want to say is
    you should write more !! I want to read !!

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