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Angel beats 12 – one more left to go kids!

the eternal frontier

One more episode left eh… I wonder what I should blog next season. Or more like, am I going to blog at all next season??

Girls UnDead Monster?

I’m going to assume that Otonashi was able to convince them all from behind the scenes, and that we are suppose to fill in the gap with our imagination, because the SSS members went poof without Otonashi actually doing anything. Great way to start off an episode Maeda.

As unemotional as GaRuDeMo’s departure might have been, the shadow blobs fail to read the atmosphere and attacks the Manly Love Triangle. And that’s when…

power to the brohood

the core members of SSS dramatically shows up one by one and kicks some black vapor ass. Also, Matsushita discovered the ultimate dieting regime. Please contact your local Frontier for more service info. on how to shed those waistlines.

the first and last time we’ll ever hear his name

Meanwhile, Chaa(?) meets up with Yuri en route to trigger a random power up event, then promptly takes his leave like a good minor character. R.I.P. Chaa(?).

However, even with the rigged rifle in her possession, Yuri is overpowered by the sheer amount of shadows lurking around in the dark corners, as one suddenly rushes upon her….

too lazy to remove the sponser text, bite me if you are offended by it

Next thing she knows, she’s sitting peacefully inside a high school classroom, taking classes like any good samaritan would do.

experiencing the life that she never had

Nothing short of extravagence can describe the scene before Yuri’s eyes. Being able to live carefreely, without having to regret the past nor anticipate the future, is a life that she can only dream to have. To many, such a life might seem like an obvious occurance, an ordinary outcome, but that’s only because humanity tend to take what it has for granted. Everything that we get to enjoy in is nothing short of a miracle, yet we never really take a moment to appreciate the heavenly gifts that surround us. While the students may gaze upon Yuri with a look of bewilderment, this scenery is a dream come true for her.

confronting the life she never wanted

However, a dream is no more and no less than merely a dream. No matter how dazzling the alternatives might be, her past will not leave her. She may not have had the best of lives, but she had one that belongs to her, and only her. She has no intention of averting her eyes away, instead she will push on into the future, even if she has to drag the burden all the way to her goal.

…Or, something like that.

fanservice? in my angel beats??

Angel, sensing Yuri’s burning passion, comes saving her with the three other love birds, lifting her out of the mirage.

HURRRR, I wonder what could possibly lie beyond this door

Leaving Otoanshi and Co. behind to push back the creeps, Yuri reaches the 2nd computer room. How this room remained hidden all this time inside SSS’s own grounds must be some sort of trade secret.

deus(?) ex machina

Inside the room is a whole plethora of monitors, plus one lone evil doer sitting amongst all that monitor radiation.

unfortunately, god forgot to program different sitting poses in his script

Apparently, this guy is some kind of special NPC, and is not an actual person. By the hands of some person that also wandered his into this world, the Angelplayer was developed to assist strayers that accidently enter this world without any real regret, therefore does not have the means to escape.

I’m impressed you can actually say that line with a straight face

Apparently, the creator didn’t like the fact that people can stay inside this world and love someone literally forever, so he devised a way to detect and reset such emotions. What a faggot.


However, the kid with the cool sitting stance offers Yuri the option of becoming god, by yielding the control of the computers to her. Something snaps inside Yuri and she becomes deliciously batshit insane.

seriously PA Works, that background is rediculous… rediculously hilarious, good job

Or, so we thought, but Yuri turns down the offer of divinity and settles for her buddies. She then proceeds to nuke out every single monitor in the room which, by the way, shouldn’t actually accomplish anything, but somehow the system still shuts down anyway…

if you didn’t believe loli can bring peace and salvation to the world, then you better start now

Just before Yuri ragequits and turns into pink particles, her dead loli siblings appear inside a vision and gives her the encouragement to move on without them. D’aaaaww, isn’t that swell?

; _____ ;

On a slight side note, I havn’t really made any decision to continue blogging after this. Nothing really catches my eye next season atm. Does anybody actually cares if I stop blogging?

I joke about the choices, but I will put the results into consideration.



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