Posted by: panzer magier | June 17, 2010

Ingenious Question

So, I was reading my emails just a moment ago. Among the list of tl;dr that is my inbox, I came across a message from one of my prof, addressing some of the questions he received from students about a MIS assignment that is due in 3 days (as of time stamp) that I havn’t started yet…

Anyways, I was going through the Q&A when my eyes stumbled across question 2…

1. Can I download the antivirus/office for free from the websites of other universities?

Answer: No, it would also be unethical to use someone else’s user ID/password to download this. The purpose of Assignment 1 is to expose you to decision-making regarding a simple information system as made by someone who does not have access to academic discounts. At the same time, the best perspective about user requirements that is common to all of you is that of a student at a post-secondary institution.

2. Does a Mac computer need antivirus?
Answer: YES

4. Can I purchase cheap discounted software from other univs?
Answer: No, for reasons mentioned above. However, if Microsoft (or any other supplier) makes available discounted software/hardware directly to users(or students) then we would allow it.

5. Should both systems be described…

(the rest of the email is irrelevant to this post’s purpose, so I choose not to include it)

I choked on the banana I was eating and almost dropped dead. That is some hilarious stuff.



  1. hey whats your myspace page.

    • Don’t have one.

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