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Angel Beats 11


Some stuff happens. I think the plot is acutally moving, although it sure doesn’t feel like it at all.

there can only be one reason that two grown boys would fight over another man…!

Our beautiful love triangle decides to gather to plot who the next victim of their profound plan to erase the existences of their fellow undead collegues will be next.

whatever you do, don’t. LOOK. BACK.   /runs

Whilst they fight over for Otonashi’s affection, Naoi’s shadow suddenly turns really big and really nasty. It attacks Naoi but the other two manange to save his ass.

coming from Hinata, I find the statement awfully convincing

Yuri is perplexed by the turn of events and decides to call Angel in for a bit of girls-only chat. Otonashi becomes incredibly worried about what Yuri might do to Angel if left alone together inside an empty room, so he decides to tag along to protect their current relations. Naoi, seeing his beloved Otonashi in a bind, steps to the plate and covers Angel from Yuri’s advances. Just when Yuri is taken aback by Naoi’s sharp(?) thinking,

deadly kiss is deadly

the other members of SSS becomes engaged in a fight against the undead. Or, errr, the shadows of the undead. Random fighting sequence ensues.

glowing kid is glowing

Amidst epic fighting, Yuri catches sight of one of the NPC kid being surrounded by opaque-red quadrangles, then turn into one of those shadow things. Well, I guess it beats dissipating into pink particles anyday.

the remaining momento of a great legacy

Unfortunately, while Yuri and Co. were engaged with the shadows, Takamatsu was attacked on another end of the campus. Alas, even his beautiful muscles could not save him from the surprise butt sex that is the shadows, and he was dragged into the ground. R.I.P. Takamatsu, you may have been taken in by the darkness, but your muscles will continue to dazzle our funny bones.

he sure crawled out of his grave fast, must have been the muscles

Whoops, I guess I tried to kill off Takamatsu a little too fast. However, things are not all well within the world, because Takamatsu has become an NPC. On a side note, he reminds me of Tohsaka from Minami-ke, with the way his bangs dangle and being an exibitionist and an awesome idiot. Yes/no?

oh snap, non-generic extras!!

Yuri decides to call in the whole group and explain her understandings of the situations. At the same time, she exposes Otonashi of his plan to send everyone to the world beyond. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yurippe actually knows everything about all the members, down to the 3 sizes of each and everyone of them.

and remember to save your progress before you pick your flags

However, Yuri understands that Otonashi paved this road with good intentions, so she gives everyone the freedom to choose which poison they wish to take.

…plot twist???

Yuri calls the guys over and wants them to protect SSS while she runs some solo-missions. Somehow the conversation leads to Yuri claiming that Angel is, in fact, not an actual angel, which made the guys shit their pants. For some reason, Otonashi crapped bricks too… plot hole, or is Otonashi geniunely stupid? Only Maeda can tell…

Hinata x Yurippe route possible too I guess??

The guys are strongly against Yuri going on a solo hunt, and Hinata tries to use the trump card of mentioning how SSS was created by the two of them. This is probably the biggest revelation in the entire freaking episode, and at this point you can give your eyes a good rub and click that big X on the corner of your application and call it a day. Otherwise,

I like how the old man reinstalls stolen parts, but doesn’t seem to do anything to prevent them from being stolen

Yuri hypothesize that someone is using the Angelplayer to mess with the NPC, and her hunt leads her to the library lab. And the fruit of her labour?

remember folks, Yurippe said it first~

Other Stuff

R.I.P. (for real this time)

The thing with the ending was kinda nice, showing each of the members coming to some kind of conclusion about what path they should choose. Although, Noda keeping a picture of Yuri in his pocket is both cute and borderline creepy, in the stalker sense.

Btw, is it just me, or did Matsushita not appear a single time in the entire episode? Could it be…!!

the divine script of Takeyama

At first sight, this might look like a creepy cute diary entry. But when you think about it, if Yuri’s hypothesis is correct, and people are been turned into shadow blobs by the Angelplayer, the natural thing to ponder is that someone who knows how to use computer well is behind the scenes. Who in this show has the most amount of contact with the software in question, other than Yuri herself?

Suddenly, the blog entry doesn’t seem so fluffy and innocent anymore. OH SHI-


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