Posted by: panzer magier | June 6, 2010

Angel beats 10

what, no ramen set? (yes I’m making a reference related to the pic here)

Not much to say this episode. Hinata dumped Otonashi for Yui. That’s about it. Hit the jump if you actually care to 

Otonashi starts cooking plans with Angel to send people off from this world. Otonashi’s number 1 choice on his hit list: Yui. The basic plan is conveniently summarized in the following pic that I found by accident.

many thanks to [whoever] made this

Basically Angel needs to steal Yui’s guitar and pass it to Otonashi to give them a chance to talk alone.Having decided that, Angel leaves for the plan.

Meanwhile, Yui is practicing with her band buddies, and she’s not exactly on top of her game. At that moment, Angel intercepts the occasion and the following ensues:

awesome timing is awesome

Btw Angel actually says “dying”, not dead, but I guess that’s not a huge deal. Anyways, despite minor misses in the plan, Otonashi successfully catches Yui. When he asks about her circumstances,

why does her room have a sliding glass door when she can’t get out…?

apparently she was hit by a car at a young age, and became completely paralysed from half-way down. Because of her inability to move around, she spends lots of time watching TV and eventually starts dreaming of becoming the stars on the big screen.

This leads to Otonashi asking her what her dreams are, and it can basically be summed up by the following statement:

couldn’t have said it better myself

The majority of the remaining episode goes to show Otonashi making her dreams come true. Because there will simply be no end if I tried to capture every single bit of meaningful happenings in screenshot format, I will just offer a few moments of glory and leave the readers to watch the episode for themselves.

i-it’s not like I’m half-assing this or anything ok?!

At some point, Otonashi manages to fulfill Yui’s pseudo-stardom. But Yui is not quite ready to leave for good yet.

I’m sure 2ch and 4chan shat their pants over this

Yui demands a woman’s ultimate(?) romance: marriage. Just as Otonashi’s mind flashes with images of Yuri and Angel, and enters a state of great internal conflicts, Hinata impressively shows up out of nowhere,

I’m sure 2ch and 4chan shat their pants over this (in a different sense)

Hinata professes his dark hidden desires to court Yui, and swears that if they ever meet again in another world, Hinata will take her for his waifu.

wait, her cloth went poof, but not her helmet? O_o

Yui realises that the man she secretly loves is actually straight and loves her back, and thus can leave this world without regret, knowing that she didn’t make the wrong investment in her love.

HinataXYui True End

On a (slightly) more Serious Note

no way, Hinata is actually the sharp one…!?

Hinata gets to improve (for better or for worse) his image this episode, with his proposal to Yui and detection of Otonashi’s true intentions. I guess when you truly love someone, you can also read their thoughts. It’s alright Otonashi, you still have hope…!

On the otherhand, one of Yui’s lines claim that her happiness was completely stolen from her by god. I’m not sure if there’s still any significant meaning of such a line at this point, but the fact that she says the exact same thing as Yuri is certainly an interesting point. More specifically, why would Maeda put renewed emphasis on this kind of thought? Perhaps it is a common condition required for people to enter this world. Or maybe it has something to do with the shadows that attacked Noda at the end of the episode.

Either way, besides that little bit of food for thought near the end, this episode is pretty eventless, so I slacked off. Let’s hope the next episode will cook up something interesting to refuel my interests.


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