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Angel Beats 09

an idiot’s intelligence is inversely proportional to the quality of the food he eats

Thank you Maeda, for proving that my theory was on the money after all. I knew you wouldn’t betray my love. ❤

because you forgot to give her a kiss dummy

Continuing off last episode, Angel is now taking a rather long beauty rest. I don’t blame her: why play the role of enemy of mankind when you can sleep in?

still higher than getting struck by lightning

SSS members theorize that the chance of Angel waking up again is around 1% because they estimate that they fought against around 100 Angel-clones. How they reached this number is beyond me because they only brought around 10 people to play sumo with her last ep… but that’s just how they roll I guess.

it’s ok TK, music is about the soul…!

Meanwhile, Yuri has made some insurances in the case that things turn out for the worse. However, tweaking with the Angelplayer is, at best, a deterrent, and won’t actually stop Angel from raping their asses if she returns back to the way she use to be.

Amidst all this uncertainty, Otonashi is…

Biohazard AB, starring: Otonashi

…remembering the rest of his past, with the first thing he sees looking like something from a Biohazard game. It’s okay though, Otonashi’s sharp jabs will slay any zombie.

Dr. Otonashi (lol) at work

Otonashi loses no time in saving whoever is still alive at that point, and ends off with a band of 9 or so folks with various degrees of injury. Fortunately, all those killer-textbooks actually had something useful written in them, as Otonashi demonstrates his lvl 99 first-aid ability.

unsurpassable wall

However, Otonashi stares into the overwhelming face of reality, as the two sides of the tunnel leading away from the train are miraculously blocked by fallen debris. Are they under some kind of terrorist attack, because those debris look more like concrete than rocks, which makes me think that the entrances actually got blown up or something. O.o

he sure as hell ain’t getting anything beneath that puncture back

Unfortunately for Otonashi, he isn’t in the greatest of condition either. Forget internal bleeding, everything in that area of his abdomen is a goner. He should have learned how to cast heal on himself before grinding on all that first-aid stats.

violating the law of Maximization

Otonashi is such a nice guy though, he decides to share all the food with everyone, even though he clearly has a much higher chance of survival if he just horde everything to himself. Or is he anticipating that tyranny in a desperate situation will result in undue riot and chaos, and therefore putting a humanitarian front will actually increase his survival rate?    ….naaaaah.

And so, the gang held out for 7 days, with only one guy kicking the bucket. I guess they are using their phones to keep track of how many days has progressed. But the more amazing thing is that they actually lasted 7 days on almost no food and water. I guess Japanese people don’t require much energy output, with them all weighing like hydrogen and all.

the world’s a tough place to be for a loli, in all sorts of ways

Amidst his internal regret, Otonashi suddenly remembers a talk he had with his sister, and how she couldn’t be saved because there wasn’t a donor for her body part (which body part is not specified in the show).

pretty generous aren’t you

In his final moments, Otonashi signs the back of his care-card, which also functions as a donor form.

I wonder if it’ll take death’s doors to make me realise my life really amounted to nothing

Seeing yet another of Otonashi’s self-less actions, everyone else is inspired to open up their wallets and give to the poor their wealth. (lol)

it really was an unsurpassable wall after all eh

The rescuers arrive at the scene just in time to catch his corpse. If he had known that, I bet Otonashi would have ragequitted hard.

yandere Angel would have been sure fine too though

Waking up from his trip down memory lane, an Angel greets him with the backdrop of a morning sunshine. It seems like the normal Angel is back in action.

for some pretty cold eyes, you sure say some pretty warm words

Angel helps Otonashi realise that maybe his life wasn’t so bad after all. Even though he couldn’t make a difference with his own hands, he might have made a difference with his own action and body.

Otonashi finds new hope in the life of a barnacle

However, Otonashi isn’t quite ready to move on yet. First, he’s going to send every one of the guys in SSS to the world beyond by filling their souls’ gaps with his jabs compassion. I guess we are going back to weekly flashbacks.

these teachers sure are good at covering up their asses

Also, Angel’s back in action. Real action.

Gloat Area

I feel like a winner

Ku…ku ku ku… ke ke ke ke KYA KYA KYA KYA KA KA KA KA KA

Sorry, but the feelings of a theory pulling through is pretty much better than sex, which is quite dangerously addictive. Good thing it’s such a pain in the ass to come up with one, or my mental health could be in quite the bind.

Not a whole lot to say about this revelation, since I covered most of it in my previous entry. Refer to the link at the beginning for those who care.

it’s okay, clumsiness is a moe point!

On other news, the fact that Angel is trying to get the folks to realise that life isn’t as bad as it seems does open up new possibilities. Namely, why would she want to do such a thing. Is it because she is also a humanitarian like Otonashi? Or is there some deeper purpose in her actions (ie. God’s will)?

And what about that Key coffee and Angelplayer? Are they ever going to go on sale in a local retailer near you??

Stay tuned for the next week’s ep to find out, which appears to be about Yui’s past, so I guess I got another Kevin Shitstorm coming my way. Better bolt down my room before the storm hits.


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