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angel beats 08

cross-counter is badass

This episode was kinda bad, except for that kamikaze thing near the end. I suppose the focus of this ep is to open the gateway towards the real ending, but to spend an entire episode on this…? Might have over done it a little, but then again, I suppose this is what they call the calm before the storm.

not only is her determination solid as a rock, she falls like one too

Angel #2 officially joins the fray. Cloth-shredding cat fight ensues. SSS gets their asses handed to them. A old new challenger (Angel #1) has appeared. The two Angels drawed in a single badass blow.

sleeping sound as an angel

Angel went off-line (temporarily). The server is trying to repair her connection.

coming from Yui, I find this statement awfully convincing

Meanwhile, SSS members are at a loss as to why they are so stupid Angel suddenly reproduced.

I can tell he grew up playing Pheonix Wright

Naoi has an answer for everything. He deduced that the new Angel is all tsun and no dere due to Angel putting her clone counter-part’s stats solely into atk and no def, therefore resulting in an aggressive personality.

Angelplayer, brought to the nearest Other World near you

Yurippe re-infiltrated Angel’s computer. Apparently all her skills are managed using a program called Angelplayer. So wait… Kaede doesn’t call herself Angel, but uses a program called Angelplayer…? Anyways, Yurippe shat a brick wall because the user manual is written in moon letters, aka engrish. The glasses add nothing to int stats.

taking away the only purpose Christ Takeyama has in this show

Apparently Yurippe is programming literate. Either that, or Angelplayer must be really noob-friendly. She bridged harmonics and absorb with a 10-sec delay time, forcing the program to run one after another. Seriously, where can I get a copy of this software.

amazing things happen when you forget to close the window

Angel-clone one-up’ed Yurippe by kidnapping Angel. When you think about the fact that she basically kidnapped herself…yeah.

an inspiration to us all

Angel became an even more of a shut-in by barricading the original in the Guild area back in episode 2. Yurippe decides to walk right through the front door.

( =

But Angel-clones were totally waiting for them. Asexual reproduction is one fearesome skill.

I love how Naoi missed the all important question

Naoi basically hypothesises that there is a shitload of Angel-clones teeming around in the area. What he fails to realise is that, if the Angel-clones read into Yurippe’s move and mass cloned themselves before she had a chance to alter the program, couldn’t they just ambush her the moment she entered Angel’s room…?

real men go out with a bang

Matsushita 5th Dan offered the most practical solution to disable Angel: judo pin-hold. So now the plan is basically to jump onto Angel-clones with all your lust might and press her down with your cold, dead body. Then again, I’m sure no men would regret dying in the arms of an Angel, even if one of the arm happens to be equipped with a really sharp blade that sticks right through your guts.

TK Splash Dive Attack

he actually putted those muscles to some good use…!! O___o

Shiina’s attempt received the best reaction out of the crowd lol

…are you guys even trying anymore?

After sending countless idiots soldiers out as cannon fodder, they finally made their way to the lowest area of the Guild.

included this shot because it looks pretty cool

Epic cat fight (part 2) ensues.

キラッ ~

Howling skill: basically a high frequency sound wave attack.

I wonder if this is what Kevin’s wet dreams look like

Yurippe totally foresaw Angel-clone using this move though, so she prepared spare earplugs. I love how earplugs in animu can defy the laws of physics. Oh well.

[insert something funny here]

Otonashi found Angel and got her to use harmonics skill. But then the clone breaks the news that Angel will be absorbing the consciousness of dozens of Angel-clones into her all at once. Will this trigger her to become deliciously batshit insane like Schneizel?? Stay tuned for next week’s bs.

Yeah as you can tell, I wasn’t all that moltivated to write this post because this episode is horrible. Plot-holes everywhere. If it wasn’t for that last bit of hilarity at the end, I probably wonldn’t even recommend watching this episode. Let’s hope Maeda does something nice next time. Peace out.


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