Posted by: panzer magier | November 3, 2009

What was and was not expected

Was expecting:

[gg]_Aoi_Bungaku_-_01_[716D8B49].mkv_snapshot_04.25_[2009.11.03_19.29.59]discussing their evil deeds in a public washroom

[gg]_Aoi_Bungaku_-_01_[716D8B49].mkv_snapshot_07.03_[2009.11.03_19.30.37]asian-father camera angle

[gg]_Aoi_Bungaku_-_01_[716D8B49].mkv_snapshot_13.27_[2009.11.03_19.28.42]welcome to the club

Basically, anything from moral corruption to Totalitarian family to emo statements were well within expectations. What I was NOT expecting:

[gg]_Aoi_Bungaku_-_01_[716D8B49].mkv_snapshot_12.36_[2009.11.03_19.24.04]the hips…they were moving…

[gg]_Aoi_Bungaku_-_01_[716D8B49].mkv_snapshot_11.51_[2009.11.03_19.25.42]reverse child rape

What was the rating on this show again?



  1. Too f’ing dark, cant see for shit.

    • That’s the point derp. If it was any brighter, this show would be classified porn.

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