Posted by: panzer magier | October 30, 2009

Yay 100th Visit!

I realised that I totally forgot to celebrate the beginning of the third digit in my visit stats. So to all (one) of the readers out there, yay blog!

To commemorate this event, I have updated my [about] page, and hereby pledge to release many more QUALITY posts in the days to come, ere I vanish into the darkness of oblivion and leave the blogging scene once again.

Also, message to BK: there has been 21 hits for the past 4 days in my blog, of which I am pretty sure all of them are by you. Get a life. I still have not seen any of that effort you promised in your own blog.



  1. Yea well I have nothing else to do at like 5:40 in the morning with my bowl of cereal in front of my PC on Tuesdays and Thursdays you know….

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